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Magazine love

A self-confessed magazine addict, I want to share a couple beauties with you. Firstly, fishhead magazine. Once you get past the name, it is a new Wellington-centric mag that was launched earlier this year. Still on the way to finding it’s niche, it’s definitely one to watch, especially seeing as they love craft so.

The beautiful Diane Massey-Molloy being a stunning cover girl…

A rather thoughtful and well-written article about a bunch of indie crafters and designers (incl yours truly). See that table bottom left? That’s us having a ball at the Apartment Bar, Allen St, Wellington onTuesday nights from 5.30. You should totes join us!

I also had the pleasure of flicking through the new Extra Curricular mag yesterday – based in Auckland, Ellie is getting better and better at putting this together every issue. Absolutely worth your spare change, it would be a real shame to see this go the way of Staple and World Sweet World. So go on, buy it!

November 27, 2010   No Comments

Geometric Yellow

Saben really have got me hooked this year. And seeing as the free cash is slightly lacking, I’m quite enjoying taking real care with choosing purchases. Items that are designed and/or made in New Zealand are taking top priority, as generally I find they last well, are of high quality materials and made with real care and thought.

So when this turned up at Wanda Harland last week, it had to be mine.

Large Scarlet clutch in geometric yellow by Saben, from Wanda Harland

November 25, 2010   No Comments

Hello Yellow!

Day 2 of yellow…

and we have a lovely wee tea set. I don’t think it will get much use – when I bought it, the best place to put it seemed to be in the office, and here it now lives.

Along with print from Minu.

November 24, 2010   2 Comments

A week of yellow

There seems to be a bit of a yellow obssession going on at the moment. It has long been my number one colour – so bright and happy and joyful. I can’t wear it, so instead acquire yellow things, and lately, it has reached epidemic proportions.

So here begins a week of yellow…

First up: Sin Miedo in Gold Rush. Took a bit of concentration at first, but now is like a lovely dance of merry cables. I think the symbols on the chart look like little men, and it makes me smile 😀

And look what is new in the shop! Owls! Stitch marker owls! How freaking cool! Thanks again to Sue from SuperVery, hooray!

November 22, 2010   No Comments

Feeling Inspired…again

I’m still mulling over the winner for the what colourway is Hermione competition, and promise i’ll announce the winner (or winners….) by the end of the week.

In the meantime, i’ve been thinking of treating myself. It’s been a super fast, crazy year, and while I should spend money on sensible things, that I need (clothes, or shoes, or a haircut), i’m more likely to end up buying one of these…

An art work by my new favourite artist, Shane Hansen…

Pania and Friendly by Shane Hansen (pic from Clever Bastards)

Tiki Light Blue by Shane Hansen (pic from Clever Bastards)

The lust worthy Frankie bag by Saben (thanks Wanda Harland, just don’t buy it from there, it’s mine!)

What would you treat yourself to, if money was no object? And what is inspiring you this week?

November 17, 2010   4 Comments