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Cinque Terre – Part 2

As Cafe Chick asked in the previous Cinque Terre post, ‘What does it look like?’

Well, here is my Jekyll and Hyde in Cinque Terre:

It’s a pretty full-on colour, which is why Jekyll and Hyde was kind of the perfect pattern – i’m in two minds about this colour way. Somedays I love it, the way the pinks, blues, yellows, greens mingle with each other. Somedays, I find it much less appealing. Check out the heel and how the colours match up, compared with in the pattern stitch how it gets all mushed together. 

If I were to knit with it again, I’d probably go for a less ‘busy’ stitch. But hey, i’m still pretty pleased with how it turned out. For today, anyway.

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1 Café Chick { 04.15.10 at 8:29 pm }

Oh, how gorgeous! I think it's a bit too bright for me (the socks would wear me, not the other way around!), but they look unbelievably warm and funky. Thanks for sharing your finished product!

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