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Feeling Inspired…again

I’m still mulling over the winner for the what colourway is Hermione competition, and promise i’ll announce the winner (or winners….) by the end of the week.

In the meantime, i’ve been thinking of treating myself. It’s been a super fast, crazy year, and while I should spend money on sensible things, that I need (clothes, or shoes, or a haircut), i’m more likely to end up buying one of these…

An art work by my new favourite artist, Shane Hansen…

Pania and Friendly by Shane Hansen (pic from Clever Bastards)

Tiki Light Blue by Shane Hansen (pic from Clever Bastards)

The lust worthy Frankie bag by Saben (thanks Wanda Harland, just don’t buy it from there, it’s mine!)

What would you treat yourself to, if money was no object? And what is inspiring you this week?


1 Colleen Pugh { 11.19.10 at 12:30 am }

oh I love that bag as well, I keep looking at it online… I’ve sort of been learning that I’m better buying 1 beautiful investment piece every now and then rather than lots of pointless bits of crap at the moment I’m lusting after this Workroom light it’s $640 so we’ll see how sales fair over Christmas… eek

2 evie { 11.19.10 at 12:46 am }

oooh tell me you’re going to get the bag! I love the flap detailing.
That is such a hard question…the problem is I have a wishlist as long as my arm at any given time :-p I think I would treat myself to this dress
I’m having a very good week this week inspiration wise but I think my main inspiration is christmas…as lame as that may sound!

3 Martha Craig { 11.19.10 at 12:55 am }

I’d treat myself to a big section.

And I can’t think what inspires me, at the moment Tash and Colleen 🙂

4 Tash { 11.19.10 at 2:00 am }

It’s mutual! And you need to stop getting such awesome stuff in that sucks all my money!

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