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Would you like a sock club?

I’m humming and haa-ing over whether or not to do a yarn club. The main reason for this is that I know there are quite a few around already, and it is quite the commitment.
There have been some great suggestions from the Lower Hutt Knitters about what they love in a yarn club, and now i’m teetering on the edge.
Can you help push me over and commit to it? I have a plan forming of one that is a bit different and incorporates an element of choice…
Thoughts? Suggestions?

May 4, 2010   3 Comments

WIP update – Haruni

I’m on Chart B.


There may be some expletives in there.

May 3, 2010   4 Comments

Instant Gratification

For those who have popped by the online shop, you may have noticed that we don’t have ‘In stock’ numbers.

There’s a reason for that – I dye *all* the time. Like, constantly. Which means most colourways are stored safely in their plastic bins waiting to be wrapped in tissue and delivered safely to the post shop as soon as it is ordered.

Which means, importantly, instant gratification. I’m an incredibly impatient person. I want everything yesterday – and i’m no different with yarn! I’ve made a promise to myself, and you, that all orders will be in the post the next working day at the latest – the same day if possible.

So when you place your order, it will be with you tout de suite*. Yay!

*Unfortunately I don’t have control over delays due to erupting volcanoes, flooding, and punctured postie bike tyres. If only!

May 2, 2010   1 Comment

For the love of Endpaper Mitts

Because they’re pretty. My endpaper mitts don’t match – one is in Silver lining and Chelsea, the other in Silver Lining and Kowhai. They’re a tad small for me so will probably just be used as samples. I love how Silver Lining complements each colour, and the single colour stitches bring out the slight changes in tone.

For those who think fair isle is tricky – it really isn’t. It’s all about finding how to hold two colours that is comfortable for you. I started out with a colour in each hand, but couldn’t quite get the rhythm down. Holding both in one hand, with silver lining held normally, and the second colour sitting just below it to be picked up when needed, worked for me. The good thing with the Endpaper Mitts pattern is that you don’t need to worry too much about twisting at the back to carry a colour across, so it’s a good project to learn on. 

And it’s pretty. 

Did I mention it’s pretty?

April 16, 2010   No Comments

Shop Update!

A few days ago there was a shop update (yes, i’m a little tardy in blogging it).

There are some scrumptious new colours, my faves being Beauregarde (as in, ‘You’re turning violet, Violet!’), and Harvey Wallbanger.

Dyeing new colours has got to be one of my favourite things about this wool business. I’m already plotting more – it simply never ends. But I’m curious – do you prefer more, or less choice when it comes to colours? Are there any colours you are lusting after in sock weight but I haven’t dyed it yet? Let me know!

April 13, 2010   No Comments