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Magazine love

A self-confessed magazine addict, I want to share a couple beauties with you. Firstly, fishhead magazine. Once you get past the name, it is a new Wellington-centric mag that was launched earlier this year. Still on the way to finding it’s niche, it’s definitely one to watch, especially seeing as they love craft so.

The beautiful Diane Massey-Molloy being a stunning cover girl…

A rather thoughtful and well-written article about a bunch of indie crafters and designers (incl yours truly). See that table bottom left? That’s us having a ball at the Apartment Bar, Allen St, Wellington onTuesday nights from 5.30. You should totes join us!

I also had the pleasure of flicking through the new Extra Curricular mag yesterday – based in Auckland, Ellie is getting better and better at putting this together every issue. Absolutely worth your spare change, it would be a real shame to see this go the way of Staple and World Sweet World. So go on, buy it!

November 27, 2010   No Comments

Extra Curricular

How wonderful is it to receive exciting mail? You know, the kind that isn’t a bill or bank statement or some such?

Today my copy of Extra Curricular volume 2 arrived. EXCITEMENT. I’ve seen it in a few shops now and managed to refrain doing anything than having a quick peek at the pictures.

I’m rather looking forward to sitting down with a cup of tea, the last Easter eggs and having a proper read.

April 9, 2010   No Comments