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Over the past couple of weeks great trouble has been afoot – a misbehaving yarn skeiner.

The skeiner originates from the Artisan Lace asset list, and was lovingly built by my Grandfather. However, it was build with bits and bobs and some clever engineering, and was looking a tad worse for wear. Also, there was a problem: it winds gossamer and lace weight perfectly, but supertwist merino has a tendency to, well, twist when it is wound on the skeiner.
So after lots of trial and error, plenty of brow-furrowing, the boy and I spent an afternoon fixing it. We had to add new eyelets in order to create more tension, and so rebuilt the entire cone holding section. After a couple of hours, and lots of testing, we were pretty proud with the results. There are still a couple niggly bits but winding ten skeins at once is infinitely more satisfying than one at a time by hand!
Besides that, I have been rather on the unwell side of late. After finally giving in and going to the doctor, apparently it was a bug. A two week long one. Feeling 100% again still seems like a fairytale, and there is plenty of brainstorming as to how to regain previous energy. The resolution to abandon coffee has completely fizzled – it is certainly less enjoyable than it used to be but it is the one thing that gives a bit oomph to the day. Lucky there are plenty of other exciting woolly things going on to keep plodding along…

January 28, 2010   No Comments