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A week of yellow

There seems to be a bit of a yellow obssession going on at the moment. It has long been my number one colour – so bright and happy and joyful. I can’t wear it, so instead acquire yellow things, and lately, it has reached epidemic proportions.

So here begins a week of yellow…

First up: Sin Miedo in Gold Rush. Took a bit of concentration at first, but now is like a lovely dance of merry cables. I think the symbols on the chart look like little men, and it makes me smile 😀

And look what is new in the shop! Owls! Stitch marker owls! How freaking cool! Thanks again to Sue from SuperVery, hooray!

November 22, 2010   No Comments

Your new favourite socks

Loads of people asked us at Craft2.0 on Saturday ‘Where can I find a good sock pattern?’.

Well, here is the link to your new favourite socks: Cookie A’s Monkey.

I’ve knitted two pairs: one in Hazelknits High ocTANG (I gave these away) and a second pair, all for me, in green Wollemeise.

It really is a wonderful pattern – in fact, I think it’s time to cast on another pair. Even if you haven’t knitted a pair of socks before, these have a wonderful rhythm and a great base pattern. 64 is the magic sock number – it’s perfectly versatile.

Do you have a favourite sock pattern? What is it? Please share or else i’ll end up with a drawer full of monkeys!

March 11, 2010   1 Comment