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Tribute to Orenburg, and Citron

The excitement over the launch of Margaret’s new book Wrapped in Lace is growing by the day – especially when on the receiving end of emails about how cool it is to see a whole edition of Knitting Daily devoted to it.

How very, very cool.

I’ve kind of run out of words to describe how awesome it is to have such an inspiring grandmother. Honestly, truly. It makes me wish that perhaps instead of going to university i’d gone for the daydream plan of moving to Christchurch and learning all I possibly could from Margaret.

You’ll see the mention that you can download one of the patterns for free. Yep, gratis! Here’s the link, go and download it. I think the challenge is on to knit it – perhaps once i’ve finished Citron.

See my pretty Citron above? My first ever proper Artisan Lace project, and I love love love it. Such an addictive knit, i’m almost there after about 4 days. Went down to a 3.25mm needle (from recommended 4mm) and will need to do at least one extra pattern repeat to get it big enough. Colour is the lovely Sage, which is now in the online shop if you fancy some 😀

November 3, 2010   No Comments

Free Pattern! The Coffee Cowl

Yonks ago, when I was first playing with 12 ply, I knit up this infinity cowl as a product knit – something I wanted, so just made it up as I went along. It’s picked up ‘the coffee cowl’ name as a lady spilled her coffee on it at the June Craft2.0, apologised profusely, and it honestly wasn’t a big deal. It’s the perfect cowl to throw on for those ‘not quite sure’ days, when the weather looks like it could be promising, but the it could also turn hideous. Wrap it up nice and tight for the chilly days, and hang it loose for the warmer ones.

Yarn: 4 skeins of Knitsch 12 ply in Silver Lining
Needles: 6mm on a 100cm cable
Gauge: bah! gauge! forgeddaboutit!

Cast on about 350 stitches, or until you get *really* bored.
Row 1: Knit, and join in the round at the end of the row, being sure not to twist the stitches. Although if you do, it won’t be the end of the world.

Knit ad infinitum, round and round, until all your yarn is used up.
Cast off.

Weave in ends, and wear.

Hooray! Easy as that. A great in front of the tv, don’t have to think too much knit.

September 26, 2010   1 Comment