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Feeling Inspired…again

I’m still mulling over the winner for the what colourway is Hermione competition, and promise i’ll announce the winner (or winners….) by the end of the week.

In the meantime, i’ve been thinking of treating myself. It’s been a super fast, crazy year, and while I should spend money on sensible things, that I need (clothes, or shoes, or a haircut), i’m more likely to end up buying one of these…

An art work by my new favourite artist, Shane Hansen…

Pania and Friendly by Shane Hansen (pic from Clever Bastards)

Tiki Light Blue by Shane Hansen (pic from Clever Bastards)

The lust worthy Frankie bag by Saben (thanks Wanda Harland, just don’t buy it from there, it’s mine!)

What would you treat yourself to, if money was no object? And what is inspiring you this week?

November 17, 2010   4 Comments

Knitting is art

More often than not, I feel like one of these knitterly ladies.
Daniela Edburg really does capture that wonderful slightly crazed obsession we all enjoy.
OutdoorKnit is revolting against er, knit graffiti, as some of it has evolved into something we don’t love. It’s going to be more about art, and less about decoration. Watch this space.

March 13, 2010   No Comments