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Manic, manic week.

So i’m cheating.

Hop over and visit bliss in a teacup – pretty, pretty.

I have ummmm 3 things stuffed up my sleeve that I can’t tell you about (and no, it ain’t used tissues!). But anticipation will have to continue a little longer.

Oh, hey, maybe, i’ll just give you one thing (not of the three), that i’ve already hinted at – we’re doing 12 ply! You won’t be able to get it until Craft2.0, but it’s scrummy and knits fast and I loves it.

Have a great weekend xx

May 21, 2010   1 Comment

Breathing, and carrying on

It has been a bit of mayhem around here lately.

I work primarily from my parents’ house, and they are on the verge of relocating to Brisbane. In fact, Dad is already there, while Mum wrangles tradespeople and relocations. It’s a bit of a disaster zone (honestly, not even mum can deny it). 
This past week I wanted to get a pile of dyeing done in preparation for the next Craft2.0, but it didn’t happen. The painters were painting in an area I use quite frequently. It was hard to concentrate on doing anything solid and worthwhile when being constantly interrupted by the need to move something or someone. Focus was non-existent, but the situation was unavoidable as, really, family always comes first.
There were plenty of interesting developments during the week, though. And a couple exciting enough things that are now hiding under my hat that will hopefully be announced in the next week or so. 
The Knitsch operations are moving to (hopefully) a steady workshop/studio; It’s a Tree! has been installed and continues to grow, Slip now adorns the New Dowse reception desk (photos to come). New colourways are waiting in the wings, trips being planned, lists being written.
I ended the week feeling as if nothing had been achieved, when really it had. It can be hard running a small business, when external feedback is a little lacking, and life seems to run in a bit of a vacuum. Which is where you come in – the little treats in the mail for it’s a tree, the comments on the blog, the tweets, or the emails that make me smile for a whole day when going might be a bit slow. Thanks to you all – It’s more than enough reason to keep on keeping on 😀

May 15, 2010   No Comments

The wool has arrived!

We celebrated with the Lower Hutt Knitters group, some champagne, and plenty of knitting.
It is rather surreal to finally have something tangible and space-occupying. Four months ago I sat in my Uncle’s lounge on a steamy Kuala Lumpur evening and told him all about my grand plans for the future. He was one in a long list of people i’ve regaled with my dreams of wool, colour and fulfilment. Every time the words were said aloud, there was always that niggling thought questioning if it will actually happen.
And here it is.
7 and a half great boxes of sock wool.

January 25, 2010   No Comments