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Really awesome stuff

Being a bit of a magpie, and a design geek from way back, there is a mental collection constantly growing in my brain of beautiful things that either I want to possess or somehow emulate.

I’m one of those people that buys piles of maagzines (when cash allows) and pulls out pages and pages to stow away for inspiration. I hate throwing them out, in fact when I went to London Mum couldn’t understand why I left a lovely stack of Frankies and Russh in the study, to be lovingly collected on my return.

Once a week i’m going to post something really awesome, to keep my creative juices flowing and to provide you with some eye candy. I’m currently on a real interior design binge, seeing as the boy and I finally ordered our new bed (which isn’t exactly what we wanted, but close enough for now), and so am on the hunt for ways to tart up our flat and make it a lovelier place to live in.

First up: Union furniture.

Oh. my. goodness. Want. That is all.

Images thanks to Union

November 8, 2010   No Comments

Tribute to Orenburg, and Citron

The excitement over the launch of Margaret’s new book Wrapped in Lace is growing by the day – especially when on the receiving end of emails about how cool it is to see a whole edition of Knitting Daily devoted to it.

How very, very cool.

I’ve kind of run out of words to describe how awesome it is to have such an inspiring grandmother. Honestly, truly. It makes me wish that perhaps instead of going to university i’d gone for the daydream plan of moving to Christchurch and learning all I possibly could from Margaret.

You’ll see the mention that you can download one of the patterns for free. Yep, gratis! Here’s the link, go and download it. I think the challenge is on to knit it – perhaps once i’ve finished Citron.

See my pretty Citron above? My first ever proper Artisan Lace project, and I love love love it. Such an addictive knit, i’m almost there after about 4 days. Went down to a 3.25mm needle (from recommended 4mm) and will need to do at least one extra pattern repeat to get it big enough. Colour is the lovely Sage, which is now in the online shop if you fancy some 😀

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Duvet days

With all the average weather in these parts lately, there has been much talk in the Kiwi interwebs of days spent in bed, with dvds, or knitting, or tea, or chocolate, or all of the above.

I’m yet to have the luxury of a duvet day this winter – 2 large wholesale orders, the upcoming craft2.0 and part time work means early starts and being chilled to the bone.

In background news, i’m also moving house, again, this friday. The boy and I are rather excited that our new bedroom is massive, and won’t resemble a tool shed as it currently does. So we’ve been looking at buying a great big new comfy bed – just the ticket for scheduling in a duvet day when all this work allows.

Which means, daydreaming:

(photos from over at the ever-beautiful Decor8 blog)
May have to block day in the diary for this quality, cosy, knitty duvet day….

May 31, 2010   2 Comments

Happy Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Happy Mother’s day everyone!

How about a little giveaway to celebrate?

Every Knitsch Yarns order from 5pm Friday 7 May to midnight Sunday 9 May receives a free stash bag! That’s along with the free set of 5 cards that already get tucked in with your order. What a treat!

Have a wonderful weekend and look after those knitting, crafting hands of yours xx

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Would you like a sock club?

I’m humming and haa-ing over whether or not to do a yarn club. The main reason for this is that I know there are quite a few around already, and it is quite the commitment.
There have been some great suggestions from the Lower Hutt Knitters about what they love in a yarn club, and now i’m teetering on the edge.
Can you help push me over and commit to it? I have a plan forming of one that is a bit different and incorporates an element of choice…
Thoughts? Suggestions?

May 4, 2010   3 Comments